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Pies and Slices

Flahmingo uses a system called Pies and Slices. Each stock or ETF you own is a slice of your pie. With scheduled deposits and automagic round-ups invest on autopilot. Easily change the weight of each slice at the click of a button.

How is Flahmingo different than traditional Robo-advisors?
We enable investors to learn about the stock market and make smart investment decisions. We believe you should invest with intent. Consistency is key to growing your longterm wealth. Join the flock and let's get rich slowly.

Automatic Investing

Automagic Round-Ups

Connect your favourite debit or credit cards, and every time you make a purchase save $1, $2 or $5 in your investment account. Add your round up total to your pie or move the funds over as cash.

Scheduled Deposits

Set up recurring weekly, biweekly or monthly deposits starting at $5 that we automatically invest in your pie. Easily increase or decrease your deposit amount and even choose which day you want us to withdraw the funds.

The Magic


Buy and sell fractional shares in over 2000+ companies and ETF’s commission-free.

Invest with Intent

Unlike Roboadvisors and traditional investment firms invest where it matters to you. With Flahmingo invest with intent.

Simplified Diversification

With Flahmingo customize your pie by adding or removing stocks or ETF’s as you please.

Tax-Free Accounts

Invest in a TFSA or RRSP and enjoy the benefits of tax savings.

Fractions by Flahmingo
Using a process called Fractional Shares, Flahmingo lets you invest any dollar amount you want. Own a sliver of your favourite brands instead of having to buy an entire share. Fractions, the new way to invest!

Top Level Security

There’s is nothing more important than keeping you safe. We use state of the art security measures and cutting-edge technologies to protect your personal-information.

Flahmingo Central

Learn how the stock market works, with bite-sized video content from industry experts exclusively on Flahmingo.

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